Aims for Education

The GLA makes a commitment to each pupil within the Multi Academy Trust that they will be successful in creating individual learning pathways in which a child’s needs and aspirations can be met by drawing on a wide range of expertise and specialisms through:

  • Effective numeracy and literacy
  • ICT and computing skills required by a technologically advancing world
  • Appreciation of, and ability to express themselves through music, visual and performing arts
  • Sporting opportunities and the development of appropriate skills
  • Social skills - the development of friendships, trust and a sense of community.

And will:

  • Believe in their own value, and have a desire to fulfil their individual potential
  • Have respect for others, a sense of community and understanding of everyone’s role within the school and outside
  • Have a love of learning and a belief in the value of lifelong learning

GLA will foster these skills and attitudes through:

  • High expectations of all children and staff
  • High standards of teaching and resources, both in the core curriculum and in music, technology, physical education, art and design
  • Discipline based on self-respect and awareness of others
  • Recognition and celebration of achievement
  • Friendly, supportive, purposeful school community which values and looks after its members
  • Strong links with the world beyond school and a sense of how individuals and communities can contribute to a better society     


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