Frequently Asked Questions

I am a headteacher, leader or teacher interested in the work of the GLA. How do I find out more?

We offer a wide variety of options for support work in the county and beyond. We also work within the Odyssey Teaching School Alliance, providing a number of CPD and research opportunities.

Our school are interested in partnership opportunities. How do I find out more?

Partnerships take many forms from infomal advice and collaboration to support programmes. We are also keen to work with like-minded schools to build lasting partnerships within the alliance. Contact us for more information.

Does it cost money to join the academy trust?

Yes, there are legal costs associated with becoming an academy. However, the government has contributed towards these cost and there are significant savings to be made through the financial freedoms of academy status.

How does academy status affect SEN funding?

SEN funding comes directly from the government and is allocated to a named child continues to be funded directly by the local authority.

What does the governance structure of the GLA look like?

A governing body oversees the academy trust, with separate bodies overseeing each school.

Who does each headteacher of the schools report to?

Headteachers report to the Board of Governors with an accountable reporting line to the GLA Chief Executive. However, schools work collarboratively to support the work accross the academy.

Do GLA academies have entrance requirements?

The GLA is committed to a fully inclusive admissions policy.

Do academies have to follow the national curriulum?

Academies do not have to follow the national curriculum as long as the curriculum remains ‘broad and balanced’. This provides academies with greater flexibility to design a school curriculum around the needs of their children and local community.