Schools Direct

I applied for the School Direct PGCE because I knew with the extended placements I would be immersed in all aspects of school life. I was lucky enough to spend both my placements in two GLA schools where I met and observed a huge range of inspiring teaching staff. The GLA provided incredibly supportive mentors that were always on hand to give me advice and ensure I continued to progress and reach my full potential. More time in school allowed me to build better working relationships with the children, this enabled me to try out different strategies and approaches to teaching, which has helped me to develop my own teaching style and grow in confidence.

The friendly debates and sharing of experiences were welcomed within study groups and lectures at the University of Gloucestershire and Odyssey Teaching School. It gave me time to unpick observations I had made or lessons I had taught to understand the theory behind it.

Studying through the School Direct PGCE route was the best decision for me and I am now lucky enough to be employed as a Class Teacher within the GLA.

Becky, Class Teacher



After graduating from MMU in 2013 and gaining an insight to teaching as a Teaching Assistant, I made the decision to embark on the Schools’ Direct route PGCE.  Due to the nature of the Schools’ Direct PGCE, I was able to gain much of my teaching experience within GLA schools: Rowanfield Junior and Bishop’s Cleeve.  Immediately, I felt like this was an organisation that I was to build a career as a teacher.

During the Schools’ Direct year, the GLA provided frequent opportunity for professional development, through specific training and invaluable classroom experience.  With tailored support, I have gained tremendous amounts of experience teaching the core subjects and acquired the necessary skills to teach children from a variety of backgrounds.  I have grown in confidence as a teacher and have received excellent training that targets my specific needs and wants as a professional.

A year on now, I feel privileged to teach in year six and enjoy the challenges teaching throws at me!

Chris, Class Teacher


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